Will YOU take the $10 Challenge?

Saving lives isn't cheap.  HSNBA's contracts with the city and county only cover about three days of care for each animal they bring to our shelter.  If the animal stays longer than 3 days, or needs any veterinary or other special care, we rely on donations to cover those costs.

We work hard to make sure each animal in our care is given the "Five Freedoms":
1. Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
2. Freedom from Discomfort
3. Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease
4. Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
5. Freedom from Fear and Distress

But in order to provide these freedoms and the staff to help these abandoned and homeless animals find their way home or into new homes, we need your help. 

Will you take the challenge? Can you donate $10 a month to ensure the animals of this community are cared for in the manner in which they deserve?

Simply click the DONATE button below and you will be directed to Paypal where you can put in the amount that you wish to donate. If 2500 people pledge $10 a month, will have all the needed funds to care for the lost and abandoned animals in our community.  Surely everyone can spare $10 a month to save lives. Be sure to check the box and make it a recurring donation.  It's easy! It's effortless once set up and you can know that you are doing something great for HSNBA!

We can do it. You can help. Donate today.




Featured Pet:

I'm APRIL! I am an affectionate and chatty cat looking for some new permanent digs. My foster home was awesome, but now that my kittens are adopted, I'm ready to strike out for new territory. Just need a place to call my own where I'll get plenty of love and attention! If you want to know more about me, or if you want to meet me, please call the shelter for more information at (830)629-5287 and they can help set you up with my foster momma!



The following items top the list of items we use the most at the shelter. Feel free to bring any of them by during normal business hours and be sure to check with your accountant to determine which of your donations may be used as tax write-offs.

Currently we need:

Unopened Dog Food, Wet and Dry

Unopened Cat Food, Wet and Dry


On a regular basis we need:


Paper Towels

Printer Paper

Ink Cartridges for HP Photosmart 5520

New dog and cat collars

New dog leashes

Pet carriers and crates

HSNBA is always in need of funds to increase the welfare and adoptablity of the animals in our care!