“Will work for food.”
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What is a Working Cat?

Often stray or feral cats enter the shelter but cannot be safely returned to their environment after being spayed or neutered. These are poorly socialized cats who do not appreciate being handled by humans. Traditional adoption is not an option for them to leave the shelter alive. However, becoming a Working Cat is a safe, humane way for the cats who in previous years have been euthanized, to live a full and satisfying life.

Working Cats provide eco-friendly rodent and snake control. No more scary poisons or baits! They are spayed and neutered to avoid the hassle of unwanted litters and vaccinated against rabies. Their ears also tipped to identify them as altered working cats!

What do Working Cats Need?

Cats who are relocated need time and space to acclimate successfully to living with you. We recommend keeping your new Working Cat confined for 2-4 weeks to help them feel safe and become accustomed to their new surroundings. During this time, they should be confined to a garage, tack room, closet where they have access to a litter box, fresh water and are fed daily. You can also use a large crate or some other enclosure to keep your new Working Cat from wandering off. After the acclimation period they can have freer reign of your property and start getting to work!

Long term, Working Cats need a safe place to stay warm or cool and avoid the rain. Having access to their acclimation area is ideal but can also be any structure they have unlimited access to, a garage, shed, barn, greenhouse, warehouse, etc. They will also always need access to fresh water. While they do an extraordinary job of rodent and reptile control. they cannot live off their hunts exclusively, Working Cats need to be fed daily to stay healthy and feel connected to their new home.

Working Cats are poorly socialized to humans but they may become more friendly and handleable over time with consistent and compassionate care by humans. We do not recommend attempting to handle or pick up Working Cats. They will come to you when they feel safe, secure and well cared for.

Are you interested and able to give a Working Cat or two a home? Often Working Cats prefer the companionship of other cats over humans so we always recommend adopting them in pairs if you do not have any cats on your property currently. Keep in mind, we are looking for placement for cats who have no other option of leaving the shelter alive, so not only will you enjoy the benefits of having Working Cats, you’ll be saving lives!


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