Border CollieRottweiler
  • Adult (2-7 years)
  • Male
  • Very Large


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Bullet

Meet Bullet: Your Affectionate Border Collie/Rottweiler Mix in Need of Love!

Looking for a loyal and loving companion to fill your home with joy and warmth? Meet Bullet, a charming 5-year-old Border Collie/Rottweiler mix with a heart as big as his soulful eyes. Despite needing some guidance in manners, Bullet's sweet nature and affectionate demeanor make him a wonderful candidate for a forever home filled with patience, understanding, and plenty of love.

Name: Bullet
Breed: Border Collie/Rottweiler Mix
Age: Approximately 5 years old
Personality: Sweet, Affectionate, and Eager to Learn

Personality Highlights:

Gentle Soul: Bullet is as sweet as can be! His gentle nature and affectionate demeanor make him a favorite among everyone he meets.
Eager Learner: While Bullet may need some training in manners, he's eager to please and ready to learn. With patience and consistency, he's sure to become the best companion he can be.
Loving Spirit: Bullet craves human companionship and thrives on love and attention. He's ready to shower his forever family with affection and loyalty.
Ideal Home:
Bullet is seeking a forever home where he can receive the guidance, love, and patience he needs to thrive. Could your home be the perfect match?

Patient Adopters: Bullet would benefit from adopters who are patient and committed to providing him with ongoing training and guidance in manners.
Loving Environment: Bullet needs a home filled with love and understanding, where he can feel safe, secure, and cherished as a valued member of the family.
Outdoor Adventures: Bullet enjoys his outdoor time and would appreciate a home with access to outdoor space where he can explore, play, and engage in fun activities.
Adoption Details:
If you're ready to open your heart and home to a sweet and affectionate companion, Bullet is eagerly awaiting your visit. Come meet this charming Border Collie/Rottweiler mix and discover the joy of having a faithful friend who will fill your days with love and happiness.

Don't miss the chance to give Bullet the loving home he deserves and experience the unconditional love and loyalty he brings. Your patient and understanding forever family is waiting – don't keep him waiting any longer!