Petunia (Gracie)

Domestic Short Hair
  • Adult (2-7 years)Young Adult (6 months-2 years)
  • Female
  • Small


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Petunia (Gracie)

Notes from my foster caregiver: Once she gets comfortable, she’s affectionate and enjoys the company of people.
She is very soft and has a big purr.
No issues with the litter box.
She tolerates my dog, and she tolerated my foster kittens.
She likes playing with skitter mice and dangly things.

I am currently in a foster home and not at HSNBA, if you are interested in meeting me, please contact the nice folks at HSNBA so they can put you in contact with my foster family to set up a meet & greet. E-mail HSNBA at, call us at: (830) 629-5287 or stop by and speak with the folks at HSNBA at 3353 Morningside Dr. to get your information sent over to my foster home. My foster family is the best and can give you more information on me.