• Adult (2-7 years)
  • Male
  • Very Large


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Gordo

Meet Gordo: Your Gentle Giant in Need of a Second Chance!

Are you searching for a loyal and loving companion to welcome into your home? Look no further than Gordo, a handsome Rottweiler mix with a heart of gold. Despite recent challenges, Gordo remains as sweet and endearing as ever, and he's ready to find his forever family who will cherish him unconditionally.

Name: Gordo
Breed: Rottweiler Mix
Age: Approximately 3 years old
Personality: Sweet, Gentle, and Ready for a Fresh Start

Personality Highlights:

Gentle Giant: Gordo may have the stature of a large breed, but his heart is filled with nothing but love and kindness. He's as gentle as they come and adores human companionship.
Family Favorite: Despite recent changes, Gordo's sweet disposition remains unchanged. He's a true family dog who thrives on love, attention, and being by your side.
Adjusting with Grace: Despite recent upheavals, Gordo has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. With the right family, he's sure to flourish and thrive in his new forever home.
Ideal Home:
Gordo is seeking a forever home where he can feel safe, loved, and cherished for the wonderful companion he is. Could your home be the perfect match?

Loving Family: Gordo is looking for a family who will welcome him with open arms and provide him with the love, care, and attention he deserves.
Stability and Routine: Gordo would benefit from a stable and predictable environment where he can feel secure and comfortable as he adjusts to his new surroundings.
Outdoor Adventures: Gordo enjoys walks, playtime, and exploring the great outdoors. A home with access to a fenced yard or nearby parks would be ideal for him to stretch his legs and enjoy some fresh air.
Adoption Details:
If you're ready to welcome a sweet and loyal companion into your life, Gordo is eagerly awaiting your visit. Come meet this handsome Rottweiler mix and discover the joy of having a faithful friend who will fill your days with love and happiness.

Don't miss the chance to give Gordo the second chance he deserves and experience the unconditional love and companionship he brings. Your gentle giant is waiting – don't keep him waiting any longer!