Domestic Short Hair
  • Adult (2-7 years)
  • Female
  • Large


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Pearl

Pearl was given up by her previous owner - who had had her since she was a kitten - due to her aggressively attacking numerous people in the home. She was not yet fixed, so we were hoping getting her spayed and giving her some time to decompress would help with her attitude, And it DID! However, she is a VERY independent cat and likes things on HER terms, Her signals are very clear - if you know what to look for - when she's had enough attention you just need to leave her alone.

Her previous owners indicated she is good with other pets, but we would recommend very slow calm introductions. Since she does have a history of some rather robust outbursts, we do not recommend her to a home with children and she would not be a great "first cat" for someone who doesn't really understand cat body language and signals. Full disclosure, the previous owner did indicate some potty accidents but we think that was due to her being intact and overwhelmed in her previous environment as we have not noted any issues in that department here at the shelter,

Sadly, this history puts her very much at risk of euthanasia here as we are terribly overcrowded with not only dogs, but cats as well. So PLEASE help us find the RIGHT placement for this cat, she has NO experience living outside, so it needs to be an indoor only home to keep her safe, She is a GORGEOUS cat who deserves a chance in a home who can truly appreciate her quirks and her CAT-TI-TUDE!

Interested in Pearl? Please submit an application here or just come by and visit her, she is in our Playroom right off the main lobby.