Pit Bull Terrier
  • Young Adult (6 months-2 years)
  • Female
  • Large


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Mimi

Meet Mimi, a charming terrier mix with a heart as warm as her fur! This resilient mama arrived with a bundle of joy—six adorable babies—who have all found loving homes through dedicated foster families. Now, it's Mimi's turn to shine and find her forever family.

Mimi is a social butterfly, effortlessly making friends with most dogs. A meet and greet with your canine companion is recommended to ensure a harmonious match. While Mimi adores her furry friends, she kindly requests a cat-free household, as feline company is not her cup of tea.

Having been through the journey of motherhood, Mimi is now spayed and ready to enjoy a life of companionship and love. We have ensured she's microchipped, vaccinated, and heartworm-negative, guaranteeing a healthy and happy future together.

Are you ready to welcome Mimi into your home? If you're seeking a loyal and affectionate companion, Mimi might just be the perfect fit for your family. Open your heart to this delightful terrier mix, and let Mimi's story unfold in the warmth of your home. Adopt Mimi, and make her journey complete!