Great PyreneesLabrador Retriever
  • Adult (2-7 years)
  • Female
  • Large


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Suga'


Suga' came into our care exactly 100 days ago, rescued by our New Braunfels Animal Welfare and Rescue team. At that time, she was battling severe health issues including demodectic mange and extensive hair loss due to allergies, leaving her frail and malnourished. This 2 year old Great Pyrenees mix has faced numerous challenges in a short span of time but it’s finally her turn to find a forever home!

Despite her challenging start, Suga' has made remarkable progress during her time in foster care and is nearly unrecognizable from her former self. However, her journey to recovery isn't over yet, as she will likely require lifelong allergy medication to manage her condition and prevent relapses. Without it, we’ve noticed that she suffers from constant itching and heightened stress levels, leading to self-harming behavior such as biting at the skin.

Suga’ eagerly anticipates her daily walks, but they become even more enjoyable when joined by other furry companions! Suga’ finds solace in the company of other dogs, becoming more confident and at ease when in the presence of others. She does really well with cats but often fails to recognize her own size and tries to play with them. Her energy and excitement can be frightening to some felines but Suga’ takes correction very well and will back off if hissed at.

She responds well to assertive guidance, preferring to follow rather than lead; an experienced dog owner would be ideal for miss Suga’.

Due to her history, she exhibits food reactivity and must be fed separately from other animals. While she's tolerant of people around her food, she may become defensive if approached too closely, a behavior likely rooted in past trauma.

Despite her challenges, Suga' is eager to learn and already knows basic commands like sit. She willingly prepares for walks by stepping into her harness independently. Given her ongoing journey to rebuild confidence, Suga' is still adjusting to bustling environments and would thrive in a calm, home-centered setting. With patience and understanding, she forms strong bonds and is fiercely loyal to those who earn her trust. As long as you have toys, cuddles to give, and lots of snacks, this girl is good to go!