Charlie (Pongo)

  • Young Adult (6 months-2 years)
  • Male
  • Medium


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Charlie (Pongo)

Here's a note from Charlie's foster family:

"Charlie has been in our home as a foster since March 28th while he went through heartworm treatment. Now that he's been through the major part of his treatment, he's ready for his forever home. He's about 2 years old and weighs 47 lbs—the perfect medium-sized dog! Charlie has been a delight to have as a guest in our of the very best we've ever had. He learned house-training very quickly and has not had any accidents. Easy peasy as a foster. He walks well on a leash and gets along with our indoor cats and our other dogs. Charlie is a very gentle dog who is on the timid side, but he also is very affectionate when he gets to know you.

Charlie's DNA test revealed that he is part Shar-Pei, which is the reason he's missing some hair. He's been to our vet and tested for any skin diseases, and has a clean bill of health. We think his unusual coat makes him look distinguished...or at least somewhat unique! What Charlie lacks in luxurious fur, he more than makes up with his sweet, loving personality. Another plus to his thin coat—no shedding!

Charlie would do great in a home with other dogs and/or cats or just by himself. If you adopt Charlie, you and he are going to be very happy."

I have tested heartworm positive. This means I have a parasite and need treatment. While my friends at HSNBA desperately want to help me, the shelter is too stressful an environment to undertake treatment and treatment itself is very expensive. The shelter has a few options to help with treatment, and if I steal your heart you should talk with them and your vet about what my treatment is like. For more information on heartworms, please visit the American Heartworm Society here

I am currently in a foster home and not at HSNBA, if you are interested in meeting me, please contact the nice folks at HSNBA so they can put you in contact with my foster family to set up a meet & greet. E-mail HSNBA at, call us at: (830) 629-5287 or stop by and speak with the folks at HSNBA at 3353 Morningside Dr. to get your information sent over to my foster home. My foster family is the best and can give you more information on me.