Labrador RetrieverShepherd
  • Young Adult (6 months-2 years)
  • Male
  • Large


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Tucker

Tucker recently got to enjoy a sleep over in a temporary foster home!

Here is what Tucker's Foster Dad has to say:

"Tucker is an EXTREMELY well mannered dog. He is calm, friendly, obedient, and housebroken. He does not jump, bite, or even bark, but he does give nice kisses. Tucker likes car rides and to be near his favorite people. All of these factors would make him an ideal family dog - even for younger children. Tucker is a little more than half the size of a purebred German Shepherd and very handsome with beautiful GSD markings. He even made friends with both of my senior dogs, which is not easy to do. From the first night, Tucker slept quietly through the night on his own dog bed and did not try to wake me or jump up on my bed. The next day, I gave Tucker a good soapy shower to get some of the kennel smell off of him and he handled it like a champ with little resistance. Tucker is very playful with toys, but is otherwise a very calm quiet dog. My only negative experience with Tucker was that he ran out the front door of my house when I came home after running errands. I grabbed a leash and calmly followed him down the street. When I gave him a command to stop, he did, and once leashed he followed along back home. I'm thinking this could be how Tucker wound up in the shelter in the first place."

Meet Tucker, a big, lovable boy looking for his forever home. Tucker loves car rides and is a great walking buddy. He loves exploring, and walks nicely on a leash and doesn't pull.

On his walks, Tucker is curious but gentle. He doesn’t react negatively towards dogs or wildlife and warms up quickly to new friends.

Tucker knows the sit command and listens well when corrected. He's a smart and attentive guy who is eager to learn. With some consistent training, Tucker could be a stellar student.

Tucker has cute ears, one up and one down, and loves attention and pets. If you’re looking for a friendly, active, and well-behaved dog, Tucker is your guy. We hope you will come meet Tucker today and let him win your heart!