• Adult (2-7 years)Senior (7 years +)
  • Female
  • Small


Neutered status: Yes

Meet Abuelita

Sometimes the shelter has animals that capture our hearts that need a little extra special help. This is Abuelita. She LOVES some of our staff, she tolerates some of the staff, and she very much dislikes some of the staff. It might take a little time to tame this beast, but if you want loyal, well look no farther, Abuelita would take down a dog twenty times her size to save the people she loves. We believe Abuelita is a few years old, not a puppy nor a senior, and she weighs in at about 12 pounds. We know she is one that will take that extra mile to find the perfect fit, so we wanted to reach out to everyone now to see who wants a chihuahua protector.